About Us

Biodiversity Through Biosecurity

Target Pest was established in 1999 primarily to undertake bovine Tb (tuberculosis) vector control in Canterbury. However, in recent years we have expanded our products and services to meet the wider needs of the New Zealand pest control industry and environments further afield than NZ. This expansion and diversification has been important to offset the fact that the TB vector control work has been a victim of its own success.

As the incidence of Tb has been reduced, the Animal Health Board funding for control work has been reduced. Target Pest has therefore sought more work from other areas including Dept. of Conservation, commercial and domestic pest control, contract weed control and chemical spraying.

Partnering with Flick

In April of 2018, we proudly merged with Flick Anticimex, operating out of their Christchurch offices and still continuing to serve the Canterbury area. This partnership allows us to expand the range and quality of services we offer through the backing of Global organisation.


Our Service Area

Target Pest provides pest control services throughout the central South Island. Call us today on 0800 487 277 for all your pest control needs in the greater Canterbury region and the central South Island. Alternatively click here to email us.

Our Mission

Target Pest’s mission is articulated in the title “A World Without Pests”. We aim to end the destruction of indigenous biodiversity and allow for repopulation of threatened species through our pest control operations in NZ and abroad. Our objective is to be a significant provider throughout NZ.

Our Approach

  • Protect farms and forests
  • Prevent the spread of disease
  • Conserve wildlife
  • Enhance recreational resources
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Protect people and business
  • Our Customers

Target Pest’s customers range from large agencies, such as the Animal Health Board, Department of Conservation and other central government agencies, through to regional and local authorities, forestry companies, rural landowners, multi-national businesses, small businesses and homeowners. Indeed anyone with a pest control need anywhere in NZ.

Our Services

We specialise in aerial and ground-based operations to control or eradicate pests from specific areas. Working in both rural and urban environments, we understand the importance of quality delivery in a safe and effective manner. We are members of the Pest Management Association of New Zealand.

BioSecurity preventing imports of new exotic pests. Programmed removal of some of the most invasive plant pests.

Our Pest Control Products

We supply leading American manufacturer Duke Traps in the New Zealand market.

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Email: [email protected]

Our Vision

Protecting plants, animals and people’s health from pests and diseases is vitally important. Biosecurity is about preventing new pest organisms being introduced and eradicating or controlling those already established.

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For more information contact Target Pest Canterbury today! Phone us on 027 4979374 or toll free on 0800 487 277 or click here to contact us via email